Iran has been surrounded by sea both in the north and the south, it is possible to travel Iran via air, rail, sea and ground. An airplane is the best means of transportation for traveling to Iran.

Different international airlines have flights to Iranian cities especially to Tehran, there are also domestic flights to all over the country; the flights are daily or three times a week in some destination.

Iran connects to its neighboring countries via the following ground borders:

  • Turkey: Bazargan and Khowsravi border
  • Pakistan: Mirjaveh border
  • Afghanistan: Taybad border
  • Azerbaijan: Astara and Jolfa borders
  • Iraq: Qasr-e shirin and Khowsravi borders
  • Turkmenistan: Bajgiran, Sarkhs,Incheboron, and Lotfabaf borders

Inside the country there are paved roads including highways and other roads that connect different cities to each.

The cost of a trip with bus is cheap in Iran. Bus driving companies with different grades provide customers with various services in term of price and comfort. In addition to bus, other types of vehicles like mini buses, vans, middle buses and others are available for tourists; it is also possible to rent a car in Iran via some companies. Tourists can drive car with an international driving license in Iran.

There are gas stations on roads in certain distances; therefore there is no need to carry extra petrol during a trip. The cost of petrol in comparison with other countries is cheap in Iran.

Trains have specific schedules like all counties in the world. The cost of train varies regarding the type of train, the class of compartments, and distance.

Iran has access to its northern and southern neighboring countries via the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf ports and to high seas through the Indian Ocean.