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Tah Dig (Scorched Rice)
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Dig is a Persian word which means a pot for cooking foods and hence the crunchy thin layer at the bottom of it which is formed while cooking rice is called Tah Dig. Tah Dig can be made of any food stuff but the commonest one is rice which is made at the bottom of pot with water and large amount of oil and then half-cooked rice is added on it. There are some other items which can be used as alternative to make Tah Dig including Lavash bread, potato, lettuce, chicken wing, eggplant, tomato, broad bean and lettuce, pumpkin, herbs and grape leaves. Of course, Tah Dig in not only limited to cooking rice, it can be seen in the foods like macaroni and dolma as well.

In order to have a more fragrant Tah Dig, the Iranian add brewed saffron, powdered cardamom and cinnamon at the bottom of the pot. The best and most desirable Tah Dig is the one which is completely separated from the bottom of the pot and does not miss its shape, it is called “Ghelefti Tah Dig” which is very appetizing. The leftover Tah Dig is called “Bayyat” (stale).

Tah Dig is served in a separate plate and people add some stow on it to be softened.

Benjamin, the first American Minister in Iran and author of the book “Iran and the Iranian” pointed out to the concept of Tah Dig is his book. In her book, Persian women and their ways, Colliver Rice points out that Tah Dig is a very delicious part of the Iranian rice which is put in a tray to be served.