Iranian Rites and Rituals (Persia)

No country, region or population of any sort is found that is exempt from rites and rituals, which although interesting, might have traces of superstition in them. These rites and rituals stem from the cultural, social, historical, geographical as well as ideological characteristics of the society they belong. Iran is a rich country in terms of rites, each of which is rooted in a different tradition. Some have faded in the course of history, performed only regionally in some parts of Iran such as Sadeh. Some have endured the evolutions of time and are celebrated all over the country like Nowruz and Yalda. Those rituals that have their roots in ancient history of Iran and the national occasions are held based on the Solar Calendar like Yalda, Nowruz, and Sadeh. While those that are related to Islam are performed based on Lunar Calendar like Ashoura and Eid Fitr. On general, Iranian rites are divided into five groups:

1-Ancient, Mystical and Seasonal Rites

Mehregan, Yalda, Nowruz, Sadeh, and Charshanb-e Suri are example of these rites. Iranian old rites were always accompanied by happiness and cheer. The ritual held on the death of Siyavash is the sole mourning one.

2-Religios Rites

Religions of Islam, Jewism, Christianity, and Zoroastrian are close together, each having their own rituals. However, since Shiite Islam is the official religion of the country, the Islamic rituals are highlighted. The most famous of them all being the Mourning of Muharram held for the martyrdom of third Shiite Imam.

3-National Rites

National rites are held on political, social and cultural events. Iranian celebrate 22nd of Bahman, the anniversary of the revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran.

4- Family Rites

Families hold private ceremonies on different occasion such as birthday, marriage and death of a loved one.

5- Regional Rites

Regional and local rites Refers to various rites that are held on the occasion of harvest, the beginning of fishing season and some other occasions that happen in one particular region and is not shared by the whole country.