Souvenirs, Gaz Isfahan, Iran (Persia)

Souvenirs, Gaz Isfahan, Iran

Iran has the benefit of enjoying diversity in climate, nature and tourist attractions. The same diversity is witnessed in the souvenirs that the travelers can purchase and enjoy. The main souvenirs of Iran is divided to handicrafts and edibles. The handicrafts of Iran have such variety that one cannot visit a place and not find one or more forms of handicrafts that are specified to that location. The importance of handicrafts among Iranian is so high that sometimes the cities are known with the products they make. For example, Isfahan is known for its Inlaid Work, Engraving, and Printed Fabric. Zanjan is the center of Knife and Tapestry. One can find the best kinds of Pottery and Clay dishes in Hamedan, especially Lelejin. If one is searching for patterned fabric, linen fabric and ceramic, then Yazd is the ideal place to visit. Mat weaving of Mazandaran and Gilan is famous, and the Carpet weaving of Tabriz. The tourists can find the best Aba (robe) in Bushehr, and the best prayer rug and prayer beads are found in Mashhad. The precious stone of turquois is found in Neishabour. The most beautiful and delicate needle works of Iran is the Pateh Dozi of Kerman. Last but definitely not the least is the sea related works of the southern sections of Iran.

Souvenirs, Saffron Mashhad, Iran (Persia)

Souvenirs, Saffron Mashhad, Iran

As it was mentioned, Iran is also known for its edible products. Gaz of Isfahan, Sohan of Qom, Saffran and barberry of Mashhad, pistachio of Damghan and Rafsanjan, Masqati of Shiraz, Baklava and Qutab of Yazd, and the Nuts of Tabriz are all the edible products of Iran internationally known and purchased. Beside the mentioned products, each city has its own edible souvenir that includes products such as the rosewater of Kashan, Kolompeh and Cumin of Kerman, Cookie of Fouman and Lahijan, Baklava of Qazvin, pastry of Kermanshah, and Date of Bam, Kerman and Southern sections of Iran.