Jolfa is a city in the East Azerbaijan Province. It used to be part of the Marand County, but became independent because of its historic and economic importance. It is located in the southern banks of Aras River acting as the border city of Iran and neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia. Its location in the border has turned it to an economically important  place in the country.

People in Jolfa speak Turkish in Azari dialect and are followers of Shiite sect of Islam. They are mostly farmers and rancher, but the recent economic activities have created many job opportunities in offices and governmental sectors. There are also those who work as traders who mostly export and import goods between the three countries.

Although not much is known of the history of the city, it is the first dwelling place of the Armenian Refuge that came to Iran after the constant battles of Safavid kings and Ottoman Sultans destroyed their cities and villages in Armenia. Shah Abbas later forced them to move to Isfahan, and gave them some lands to make their own neighborhood. In memory of the city of Jolfa, the Armenian called their neighborhood in Isfahan Jolfa as well.

The city has many important historic and natural attractions including Saint Stephanous Monastry, Maryan Naneh Church, Khajeh Nazar Caravanserai, Asiab Kharabeh Church, Holly Mary Church and the Aras Free Economic Zone.