Rayen or Rain is a city in Kerman province with pleasant moderate weather most of the year except winters which it is especially cold. The city is in the foothills of Hezar Mountain that is the fourth highest mountain of Iran.

The city was called Ra-een in the past that is the name of a brave general in the army of Artaxerxes II. The history of the city dates back to Sassanid time. In this time, it was one of the key cities of the country being on the path of the main East-West royal road. The road was used for importing and exporting valuable goods from country, or as a passage for taking them from neighboring countries in east to neighboring countries in west. It was one of the industrial centers of Iran as well, selling swords and guns.

Today the city is known for a magnificent construct that is here named Rain Citadel. It is the second biggest adobe construct of the world after Bam Citadel. The city is also notable for its ancient trees especially the 400 years old cedar.