Zabol, that in Baluchi dialect is pronounced Zavol, is the center of Sistan and Baluchistan Province. It is commonly known that the land we call Zabol today was part of the Hirmand River. With the decrease of river’s flow rate, more lands where available. These new lands were added to the surrounding villages which made a fertile city. Later, when a military garrison was made here, the city became more important. The highlight of Zabol is the presence of an ancient city here known as Shahr-i Sokhta or the Burned City. This city has a 70 Km. distance from Zabol with a civilization that dates back to the fourth millennium BC.

The city of Zabol is also known for the Khajeh Mountain and Rostam Castle that is in the western side of it. In the heights of the mountain there is an inscription of Rostam, the legendary Iranian hero mentioned in Shahnameh, carrying a two sided mace. In the southern hills of the mountain there is the remnant of a construct that is estimated to belong to Parthian time. There are also other attractions in the city or around it including Karkoyeh Fire Temple, Edalat Throne, Saam Castle, Dahaneh Gholaman, Ramroud Castle, Tapeh Castle, and Khajeh Qaltan Mausoleum.