Armenian Monastic Ensemble - Chapel of Dzordzor - Maku, West Azerbaijan, Iran (Persia)

The Chapel of Dzordzor (also called Church of Tsortsoretsi) is a division of an Armenian monastery situated in Maku County, close to the Baron village, West Azerbaijan Province. The chapel was under construction from 1315 to 1324 CA by Zakaria, the archbishop of the Saint Thaddeus Church, and used as a religious, literary, and cultural school under the supervision of Hovanes Yerznkatsi, an Armenian scholar who lived in this church in 1341 CA.  The structure is a compact and single building that is like a prayer hall in the shape of a cross.

The Dzordzor Chapel was built with plenty of large polished stones in different sizes without using mortar. The interior of the church consists of four vaults and windows on each side and a drum dome. In the early 17th century, the monastery was abandoned since the local Armenians were forced to move to another place by Shah Abbas I during the Safavid Dynasty (1501-1736). In 1987-1988  following the construction of the Maku dam for irrigation of the farmlands, the church was successfully relocated to a new place for about 600 meters and about 110 meters higher than the previous altitude.

Notably, the newly built dam adds to the beauty of the church by creating a breathtaking view. The Chapel of Dzordzor was registered on the List of UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.