The holy Abdol Azim Hasani is one of the descendants of Imam Hassan, the third Shiite Imam, who was martyred in ninth century and was buried in Ray. The shrine built in his memory was made in the time of Seljuk Kings and by the hands of the great master, Majd Ol Molk Baravestany. The shrine includes sections such as Portal Entrance, Ayeneh Iwan (Mirror Iwan), Courtyard, Dome, Mosque, Porch, and Minaret. At first, the dome of the place was a Rok or a conical dome, and had an inscription that dated back to the Seljuk time. It was later restored by the order of Shah Tahmasp, the Safavid King and was gilded in the time of Naser Al Din Shah, the forth Qajar King. Sections such as the portal, Iwan, Porch, and the gold cover of the box were added during the reign of Shah Abbas and Shah Tahmasp of Safavid Dynasty.

The Holly Shrine of Hamza, Imam Reza’s brother and Taher, son of Imam Moussa Kazem are part of this shrine as well. The beautifully carved wooden door of Hamza Shrine is a valuable piece of art with an inscription that dates back to 16th century; the inscription is in Sols, which is a style of calligraphy.  The Shrine came to attention again at the time of Naser Al Din. It was restored and new decorations were added to the construct. The devotion of this Qajar king to the holly man was so great that he asked to be buried here and today his grave is there.