Maranjab Desert - Kashan, Isfahan Province, Iran (Persia)

The Maranjab Desert is located in the northern part of Aran and Bidgol city, Isfahan Province. The desert borders the Salt Lake (north), Masileh Desert, the Hoose Sultan and Hoose Mareh lakes (west), Band Rig Desert and Kavir National Park (east), and Aran and Bidgol city (south). Sand dunes, a salt lake, and the Wandering Island are the main attractions of the Maranjab Desert.

Maranjab Desert, Caravansarai - Kashan, Isfahan Province, Iran (Persia)

Caravansarai in Maranjab Desert – Kashan, Isfahan Province

Maranjab is rich in flora and fauna; the main vegetation of the area includes saline plants such as Tamarix and hawthorn trees, and its prominent animal species are partridge, sand fox, sand cat, chameleon, lizard, scorpion, eagle, snake, and hawk. Since the Marnjab Desert was located on the Silk Road, therefore, during the reign of Shah Abbas I in the 17th century, a large caravanserai was built in this area.

Maranjab Desert, Salt Lake - Kashan, Isfahan Province, Iran (Persia)

Salt Lake in Maranjab Desert – Kashan, Isfahan Province

Marnjab caravanserai resembles a square-shape fortress with six watchtowers and a freshwater Qanat. A set of trenches was built at the top of the caravanserai where about 500 armed soldiers would protect the place. Today, it has turned into accommodation for those who like to stay in the desert at night.

In General, rich flora and fauna, suitable roads, and safety have turned the Maranjab Desert into one of the popular natural attractions of Iran.